"Yorktown: Battle for Victory" 225th Anniversary documentary

$ 19.95

This extensive and exclusive DVD celebrates the 225th anniversary re-enactment of America s momentous 1781 Revolutionary War victory at Yorktown, Virginia. The four-day commemorative event was held October 19-22, 2006, with many of the events staged on the original field.

Four different battle re-enactments feature re-enactors from around the world portraying Continental Soldiers, American Militia and Riflemen, German Hessians, British Regulars, the French Army in America as well as cavalry, artillery, camps, 18th century women and sutlers. Our cameras were "embedded" with these soldiers on the field of battle and in their camps, carrying the viewer on this journey to final victory in the American Revolution.

For the first time in 225 years, and within days of the actual anniversary of the formal British surrender, nearly 2,000 re-enactors met on the original, hollowed "Surrender Field" to commemorate the British defeat to the allied American and French forces led by General George Washington. Never since 1781 had this event been re-staged so authentically.

Directed by multi-award winning filmmaker Kevin R. Hershberger, this is a commemorative DVD unlike any other ever produced about the American Revolution. with exciting sound effects, dynamic editing and cameras that were "embeded" with these 18th century soldiers - this DVD is an unprecedented document of a justly honored battle for American Independence.

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