"Monmouth 1778: Battle for the North" 230th anniversary commemorative film

$ 19.95

June 28, 1778.

The Battle of Monmouth Courthouse was the last major engagement of the northern theater of the American War of Independence, and the largest one-day battle of the war pitting General George Washington's Valley Forge trained Army in pitched open battle against the rear of British General Sir Henry Clinton as his Army left Monmouth Court House. The legend of "Molly Pitcher" is usually associated with this Battle -- as well as the oppressive heat which affected and impaired soldiers on both sides. Produced by multi-award-winning filmmaker Kevin R. Hershberger, this documentary film includes highly authentic recreations of the important events of this critical battle -- using a "cast of thousands" of re-enactors from around the world. As well, professional narration and maps demonstrate the important facets of the battle and campaign. The official 230th anniversary re-enactment commemorative film

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