"Lions of the Hour"DVD - New Market 150th Anniversary Documentary

$ 10.00 $ 19.95

-- For Release in Late Winter 2014/2015 --

The OFFICIAL 150th Anniversary DVD Documentary 


The true story and definitive historical documentary record of the role of the Virginia Military Institute and the VMI Cadets and Alumni during the Civil War.  An epic story of survival and brotherhood… Honor and sacrifice.

Part 1:  1839 to The Civil War  (60 minutes)

John B. Strange to Stonewall Jackson

Part 2: 1864 - 1865  (60 minutes)

The Battle of New Market & Aftermath

Also included with this feature-film is an impressive commemorative documentary of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of New Market.

 Our one-of-a-kind, high-definition re-enactment footage is the background to an epic spectacle. Featuring more than 5,000 re-enactors, as well as VMI Cadets and Alumni fighting on the "Field of Lost Shoes" -- no other docu-drama or film has placed you on the battlefield of New Market quite like this -- as well as telling the broader story of VMI's role during the Civil War. 

From multi-award winning filmmaker Kevin R. Hershberger -- VMI Class of 1995 -- ("Wicked Spring","Medal of Honor","The Ultimate Civil War Series"), our cameras were embedded with the soldiers and Cadets on the original battlefield.


* Nearly 1 hour of Additional 

Footage from the 150th Anniversary Commemorations

* 50 years of the New Market re-enactment

* Trailers and Previews

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