"Lions of the Hour" BROTHER RAT PACKAGE -- DVD

$ 40.00 $ 50.00

-- For Release in Late Winter 2014/2015 --

Two Copies - one for you... one as a gift for your B.R...



This unique Special Edition of "Lions of the Hour" includes:

Disc #1)  The 2-part, 2 hour Docu-Drama

Disc #2)  Special Features Disc including May 15, 2014 New Market Day Parade

Disc #3)  The 150th Anniversary New Market Re-enactment Film

Disc #4)  CD of the Original Score & Period Music used in "Lions of the Hour"

Your purchase of this product during the production of the film is an important part of the funding which makes the film itself possible. 

                 ESTIMATED COMPLETION -- SUMMER 2014

Approx. Running Time:  255 minutes.


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