"Lincoln's Last Night"

$ 19.95

200th Anniversary Docu-Drama event!

April 14th, 1865

Abraham Lincoln is the embodiment of the 'American Dream.'  His vision of a free America united in peace and the abolishment of slavery made him an icon and a legend.  Lincoln's ideas resulted in many casualties during the Civil War and eventually put him in the line of fire himself.

This two-part docu-drama tells the fascinating story of Abraham Lincoln and his murderer John Wilkes Booth.  The assassin who planned the murder of the President like a Shakespearian plot.

"Lincoln's Last Night" was shot on High-Definition at spectacular locations across the United States.  A cast of more than 80 historical actors creates an authentic image of Lincoln's America.  The Presidential office in the White House was staged at Centre Hill Mansion in Petersburg, Virginia.  The Ford's Theater box reconstruction was one of many locations around Richmond, Virginia used extensively - with further scenes filmed at the historic Strasburg, Pennsylvania Railroad, and at the original and recently restored summer residence of the Lincoln Family in rural D.C.


100 minutes.

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