About Us

LionHeart FilmWorks, LLC is headquartered in historic Richmond, Virginia and is best known for its historical and military-related projects and for the use of exciting re-enactments as the most important driving element in their projects.  A full-service production company specializing in historical and military related film, television and museum projects. Veteran-Owned and founded in 1999.

Since 1999, the company has built an impressive resume and reputation as creators and producers of authentic and honest historical feature films and documentaries for museums and for national DVD distribution. Notably and most importantly, LionHeart FilmWorks and Director Kevin R. Hershberger have always been celebrated for the remarkable ability to orchestrate large numbers of re-enactors, special effects, large set-pieces, firearms, horses and very expensive cameras and production tools -- while always keeping an eye on perfect authenticity… intensely-crafted drama… exciting visuals.

Welcome to the one and only, official on-line shopping experience to find all of the DVD & Blu-Ray films and docu-series that we produce.  New titles are produced and added every few months.  Keep checking back and thank you in advance for your order.  We appreciate your support of our Made-in-America, Veteran-produced products.